21 Ocak 2020


The following description belongs to Elmas Toprak.  Instagram account @sihirlikanca
English Translation @samyelidesign
I will explain the rotation system that I designed in my own style.  The same logic can be used for the head, leg, arm and waist.  No stitches, no dislocations.  With a firm grip, it can work properly in babies of all sizes.
At the end of the neck, make 2 stitches on each loop.(so make increase in each loop)
Then create a tiny sphere and fasten off it after filling it with fiber.

You can wrap stretch film to prevent friction during rotation. (Photo 1)

Make a new sphere, which is 3-4 loops larger than the circumference of the first sphere. (Photo 2)

Include the big sphere over the small sphere.
Begin the decrease process. Until there are 2 more stitches than the last number of stitches of the neck. (Photo 3)

Let's continue without breaking the yarn.

In the first row, continue with 2 stitches per loop (so increase each loop) (Photo 4)

Complete the head by expanding it according to your own pattern. Then fill the fiber and fasten off the head.(Photo 5)

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